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Our dedication to care and support to individuals with end of life crisis is the most important aspect of our services. We at SPECTRUM Hospice, Inc. represent a compassionate and diverse team of healthcare professionals dedicated to the holistic care of individuals; to ease suffering, provide comfort and to help patients and their families feel peace at the most painful possible time in their lives. We continually strive to meet your needs with the best and utmost quality patient-family centered care.

 OUR 24 hours On–Call

Nurse Staff guarantees you immediate response…

We coordinate these services ordered by physician(s) to meet your needs and your family as well. All persons involved in your care are instructed regarding your specific requirements and their roles in caring for you

Our carefully selected staff will contribute greatly to your well-being through our delivery of expert, professional, and compassionate care.

For more information please call Spectrum Hospice, Inc. at 855.524.2700